Thursday, May 30, 2013

Character Work: Royalty

We got the call in early May. 

"I'd like to offer you a part in Theatre-Hikes."

Grand!  We like theatre.  We like hiking.  We auditioned for Theatre-Hikes.  We were prepared for a call or an email from Theatre-Hikes.  We weren't prepared for what came next in the conversation.

"I'd like you to play the king."

We're sorry?

"I'd like you to play the king."

"Are We old enough to play the king?"

"Actually, you're a little old to play the king."

Ah, right.  We had forgotten.  King Louis XIII was in his early twenties when The Three Musketeers took place.*  We are a little old to play the king. 

We are also a little inexperienced to play the king.  We have never been royalty before.  Does anyone out there know what it's like?  Anyone?^

While We await your replies (which makes Us very impatient, by the way), We would like to establish a few ground rules for this blog that will help Us assume Our new role.  It takes a lot of practice to be a king, and We won't get enough in rehearsal alone.  We also can't go around acting like royalty in Our everyday life, so it's going to have to happen here.  This is the place We get closest to royalty anyway. 


The rules:

1) Until the end of June, when the show opens, all inquiries submitted to this blog should be addressed to "Your Highness," "Sire," or "Your Majesty." 

2) We need one of you "like"-rs to respond to this entry as if you were a Cardinal.  In return, We will exile you.

3) For Our next entry, We will be hosting a royal ball.  All "like"-rs in attendance should wear their finest necklaces on their throats and sharpest swords on their belts.  Also, please learn to dance "The Merlaison."

4) Somebody teach Us how to do a French accent.

5) Serfs!

* Oh, by the way, the Theatre-Hikes show We auditioned for was The Three Musketeers
^ In Our heart, We know that Prince William reads this blog.