Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I once was in a show called MOSAIC.  It existed in "real life."  For tonight, it's going to exist online.

Pretend you're sitting in a theatre, watching this script come to life.


LYNN:   Does anyone here work at the Smithsonian?  The Lincoln Memorial?  The Washington Monument?  The Statue of Liberty?  A National Park?  In the lower levels of the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, the EPA, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, FEMA?  (the list can grow)

                 (If no one does, then JOSH MICHEL is brought on stage and 
                   sat in a chair CS.  If anyone does, they are brought on stage

LYNN: Well, Josh, looks like it's you.  Have a seat.  

                 (LYNN cues the TECH PERSON to start playing ridiculous 
                  game show music composed by MELISSA CARUBIA.
                  MIKE brings a white board on stage and writes this:  )

                                         "__ __ __ - __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __"

                (LYNN hosts a game of high energy, up-tempo hangman.
                She gets letter guesses from audience members -- the more
                reluctant, the better.  Other ensemble members overenjoy
                the game and remind everyone that it's just a game, and that
                it's fun.  Every time a letter is wrong, this happens, in order:)

1. JOSH (or audience member's) right wrist is tied to the chair.
2. JOSH (or A.M's) left wrist is tied to the chair
3. JOSH (or AM's) right leg is tied to the chair.
4. JOSH (or AM's) left leg is tied to the chair.
5. JOSH (or AM) is blindfolded.
6. A weak, thin noose is brought on stage and draped around JOSH (or AM's) neck.  

                (If the game of hangman gets to that point without success,
                 there is a big buzzer and everyone hangs their head.  JOSH
                 stays in the chair the rest of the show and when he has a line in
                 a piece, he's just missing.  The AM must by law be freed.)

                (If the game is won, then the game is won.  The answer 
                 SPOILER ALERT is "Non-Essential.)


PS To learn about more things that only exist online, like micronations, come to this!

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