Thursday, August 14, 2014


Word of my impending book release is spreading.  Ever since I declared on this blog that I will be publishing OFF TRACK as a pay-what-you-want pdf, people have been talking.*  Word has reached well past Chicago and all the way out into Naperville.  Why else would SPOTLIGHT ON NAPERVILLE, which highlights six local not-for-profits every month, have me on almost immediately following the announcement?

Sure, they introduced me as a "playwright."  Sure, they didn't ask me a single question about the book.  Sure, they instead asked me questions about Theatre-Hikes.^  Sure, I was there to represent Theatre-Hikes.  Sure, as hard as I try, I am not legally a "not-for-profit."  Sure, the opportunity had nothing to do with my impending book release.  Sure, the word "sure" should have an "h" in it.  Sure it should.

All of that is beside the point.  In two weeks, my reputation as a writer has reached beyond Chicago--two hours beyond Chicago in rush hour traffic.  In two more weeks, I'll be to Aurora.  By the time the book comes out, I'll be on Spotlight on Springfield.  By 2015, Spotlight on Sacramento.

Imagine it.  Spotlight on Sacramento.  

My reputation is traveling west across the country like some kind of . . . vegetable-powered 1984 Jetta.


* Not necessarily about my book, my blog, or my career.  But they've been uttering phonemes, all right! 

^ One of which had to do with my role as the playwright for their next show.  One of which was about Peanuts.  

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