Monday, October 6, 2014

Re-Reader and Re-Writing

A year ago, I both wrote and received (by proxy) a lengthy criticism related to the Chicago Reader.  Amidst a flurry of positive press for The Sovereign Statement, Tony Adler ran contrarian and poo-poo-ed** our Andersonville secession effort.  I was a bit caddy in my response.

Those days are behind me.  Really, they are.  I barely think about how much it hurt* to read that misinformed, poorly constructed evaluation of a show that was so close to me that it even bore my name in the script.  No, really.  I don't care.  I don't.  

So, of course I care even less that now, the past forgotten, the Reader has rewarded my writing where it could not reward my dancing, singing, and secret-agenting.  The rag has  highly recommended Resurrected, which is currently running at Morton Arboretum via Theatre-Hikes.

Know this, Suzanne Scanlon (you glorious goddess of critical aptitude):

You will never win me back^.  Even if you write hundreds of articles about Resurrected.  Even if you convince your colleagues at the Tribune, the Sun-Times, and Hoy (!) to review the show as well.  Even if you put a lot of Ex-Lax in Tony Adler's coffee tomorrow (and every day after).

Okay, actually, maybe if you did all of that, you might win me back.  Maybe.  I'm sorry.  Am I being caddy?

I guess some things never change.


* It didn't really hurt at all.  I'm not that actor.
^ I am, however, that writer.
** By poo-poo-ed, I mean that he wrote something out of his ass.

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