Friday, March 4, 2011

An Evil Among Us: Part One

Have you discovered any skills you don't even know you have?  That's a trick question, and I'll come back to it.

At the end of June, "T: An MBTA Musical" will go up at ImprovBoston.  I'm writing the show with my musical-writing partner Melissa Carubia (Perhaps you've heard of our first work, So Many Stories.  No?  Well, ask your kids.) 

If you've also never heard of "T," then you have probably never been to this blog before.  Welcome!  Start from the beginning.*  It's been quite a non-journey. 

If you have heard of "T," then allow me to invite you to buckle your seatbelt . . . er, that is, grab a strap and hold on.**  The ride has begun.

YOU:  What do you mean?  You finished the script?  You had your first rehearsal?  Excited minds want to know!

ME:  No, (insert your name here).  I designed a logo!

Now, who knows if this is the logo we're going to use.  But since you, my readers, have a backstage pass to the creative process, you get to see it either way.  Ready?  Here it is.

See what I mean about skills I don't know I have?  I'm a photoshop genius!  By that, I mean that I am a photoshop moron.  Er, that is, I don't even own photoshop.  I used a free program called gimp which, incidentally, is probably just as good and hundreds of dollars free-er. 

And to be truthful, I couldn't really get gimp right, either, and then I clicked on an option labeled "harsh light."  Suddenly, an ordinary texted-over T token turned into this hellish symbol.  And it fits. 

So a toast to the first part of the "T: An MBTA Musical" production process.  A second drink for serendipity.  And a third drink for me so I can pass out after spending four straight hours in front of my computer. 

And a fourth drink for Joe the Barber, who will be directing this fictional version of "T." 

On a related note, does this mean that if you shone "harsh" light on an everyday T token, would it look like this? 

It would?


*If you've also never been to the internet before, that's called a "link."  You click on it with your pointy-thing and it shows you a different page.  Neat, right?

**Actually, given the state of the T, you're probably better off with the seatbelt.

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