Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jack Evison, Can You Hear Me?

Ever googled yourself?  What did you find?

Ever looked for yourself on youtube?

Ever had someone "like" you on facebook who works at you, studied at you in both high school and college, and is in a civil union with Lewis Cresswell?

Jack Evison, who are you?  First, you were following me on twitter.  Then you "like"-d me. 

Now this.

No doubt you are either a true fan and a prophet of things to come (please), trying to ride my coattails to fame (won't work), or a very clever internet virus (achoo). 

Out with it! (. . . not that it seems you need any help with coming out with things . . .)

And for the rest of you who may be reading this, I thought I warned you about reading other people's mail.

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