Monday, July 30, 2012

Adventures in HOLY SH!TTING

HOLY SH!T.  I just saw the craziest shit on youtube.  

What was it?  The greatest card trick ever?

No.  Something more pop culture.  Remember the year 1987?

Oh.  Was it the video of that Whitesnake song?

No.  Remember Adventures in Babysitting?

Oh!  It must be Elisabeth Shue, naked.

Er.  No.  Close.  Remember Brad from Adventures in Babysitting?

Is he the guy in the horned helmet?

No.  That's Thor.

Is he the the jerk who's two-timing Elisabeth Shue?


The one she falls in love with?

No!  Brad!  The one she's babysitting who has a crush on her.

Oh!  Brad!

Right.  So his real name is Keith Coogan, and he's an award-winning actor.

So?  He's on youtube?

He is.  For 191 days in 2010, he memorized, performed, and filmed a monologue a day. You can watch him perform work by such wordsmiths as Shakespeare, Sam Shepard, and Rebecca Black.

So I got four monologues published in a monologue collection about 8 years ago.


So look at whose monologue he learned and performed on day 34.
Holy Sh!t!

Now you get it.  I have published words that were memorized and publicly performed alongside Shakespeare, Shepard, and Black -- by an award-winning actor whose most famous movie incidentally was filmed in Chicago.


Oh, forget it.  I'm going to go have this imaginary conversation with someone who believes in me.  

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