Friday, June 13, 2014


Acting is a lonely profession.

Wait a minute.  No, it's not.  Acting is one of the most social enterprises a person can undertake.  Your job is basically to talk to people.

Unfortunately, by "talk to people" I mean "ask people to help / support / believe / house / feed / represent / tolerate you," and a lot of those people say "no."  Auditions are an obvious example.  Actors, if they're worth their salt, spend a great deal of time standing in front of people they may not even respect, having the way they play pretend^ judged^^ and knowing that after they do so, they will probably be told "no."

Sometimes they don't even get that far.  Sometimes as an actor, people say "no" to even considering you as someone they might say "no" to.  Sometimes people won't even talk to you. When it's really going badly, even Santa's elves tell you to shove off.*

So when you get a "yes," it's truly a splendid turn of events.  Yesterday, I got a "yes" from Ambassador Talent--which means I now have someone who will connect me with hundreds of new people who will mainly say "no" to me.**  I love this job.

Susan and Ed, let's make history together.  Or at least some Empire Carpet commercials.

* Or literally shove you off.
^ Fun!
^^ Not fun!
** Literally, it means that I've signed with a commercial agent.  Two of them, actually.

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