Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Screenplay

The script for BASIC INSTINCT famously sold for $3 million.  If a screenplay with the (presumed) direction:

"She uncrosses her legs.  Her vagina is visible.  She crosses her legs again"

. . . can sell for $3 million, then my screenplay, which includes the direction:

"In his mind, Tom leaps from his car and tackles Roberto.  In reality, it looks much less impressive."

. . . should easily garner $5-$10 billion.

With this in mind, I produced a public reading of my screenplay, WHITE MAN'S SHADOW, at the BCA last night.  Most people were too shy to come.  Those that did were silent through the entire reading.  Enthralled, no doubt.  One person managed to cough.

The first question I posited to my captive audience in the post-reading discussion was "How do you feel?  The movie ends, the lights come up, you are feeling . . . "  Blank.  Their job: fill in the blank.  Everyone was too overwhelmed to answer.  Amazing.  I can think of only one film in the history of film that has so captivated an audience.  Unfortunately, I can't remember its title.

$15 billion, for sure.  And an Oscar nod.

WHITE MAN'S SHADOW will, I believe, undergo a little more tweaking, just to ensure its ultimate future position at the top of the box office. (It is, after all, a film about race and class, the type which historically outperform movies about superheroes, naked women and 9' tall blue jungle people)

I'm not sure what the film industry will do when I arrive.  I might own a studio by 2011.

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