Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm Not Dead (Just Boring)

It's been eleven days since I last posted to my blog.  I'm sure some of you are starving for an update on my propulsion toward relevance.

Well, yesterday I made some burritos. 

Today, I had a mediocre meatball panini and some sweet potato tater tots.

. . . 

Is that really all I have to say? 

I could tell you about how in the last two weeks, I've queried four more agents regarding my (young adult) novel.  I haven't heard back yet, though.  These things take time.  

I could document how on Friday, I had an inspiring lunch with a co-writer, battled with my screenplay until it hurt and I cried "uncle," considered becoming an alcoholic or drug addict (seriously), and retackled the screenplay on Saturday with more success. 

I could tell you about how today, I spent 8 hours with a friend trying to finish a film with the working title "Man Puts CD in CD Player."  We got 55 seconds of footage but . . . but nothing.  (Don't worry, the film has a happy ending!  It involves finger tapping.)

I could mention how last Thursday I worked front-of-house at the Modern Theater and, after the show, watched some well-known poets autograph books and thought "Man, that's going to be me some day."  And maybe I'm just dreaming, but maybe I'm right.  

I could mention how I've committed myself to writing 30 minutes a day, and I've been plugging along, but that tonight my commitment involves documenting drivel.  In fact, my work many nights involves drivel.  But it's part of the process.  

I might add in closing that I still think my life is interesting, even if I've gone two weeks without anything "blog-worthy."  I mean, sweet potato tater tots?  I'd never even heard of that. 

. . .

You know on shows like Inside the Actor's Studio or E True Hollywood Story where they make everyone seem so interesting?  You know when you read someone's bio in a playbill and think, "Wow, that person has done a lot of things and probably never washes dishes." 

Lies.  The path to artistic success is lined with absolutely stupidly boring tasks.  And sometimes absolutely stupidly boring blog entries. 

I have to go now.  I need to shave, shower and wash my dishes.  Tomorrow's a new day, and a new week, and there's lots of exciting stuff ahead.

Somewhere ahead. 

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