Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Flaming Urge (1953)

Did you ever stop to think how many different kinds of people there are in this world? What one person would consider a thrill might not have any effect at all on another person.With the billions of humans on this planet on which we live very few people resemble each other in appearance. And within themselves, there’s no resemblance at all. Everyone reacts to a given situation in a manner all his own. And for a reason that probably even he isn’t aware of. People are funny. Emotions or lack of emotions are strange indeed. And it hard to judge what makes anybody tick.  

. . .

I can only hope and pray that someday, I'll be able to write a prologue like that.  It comes from a film called The Flaming Urge, in which a young man named Tom Smith struggles to overcome his compulsion to chase fires.  You can watch that film here.  Or, if you're wise, you'll see it next Thursday night, August 4th, at 8:00 pm.

I'll be in it.  

"What," you might exclaim.  "How did you go from volunteering to death one day to being cast in a movie you aren't actually in the next day?"  Simple!  Every year, my friend Eugenia Ionesco* produces a festival of staged readings of bad films at the Neo-Futurarium.  This year, because I live in Chicago and have a cute face^, I get to take part in that festival. 

I don't know who I'll be playing yet, but I do know that there's a role for a dog. 

It's my big break, ladies and gentlemen.  I'm going to Hollywood^^!  I'm going to be in the pictures!  

Now, if you'll excuse me, I can't finish this blog post.  There's a fire breaking out somewhere in Evanston, and I have to go chase -- ruff!  ruff!  ruff!

(You'll get that if you come to the show.)


*name changed to protect her identity

^ That is to say, I work for free.

^^ I imagine Hollywood to be at the corner of Ashland and Foster in Chicago, Illinois.  If you correct me, you are a know-it-all. 

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