Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear Chicago:

Dear Chicago:

What can I say?  I'm overwhelmed.  You've made my first full day here as a resident a spectacular event, something I will not soon forget.  I expected a marvelous reception, but I didn't expect this.

All day, people have been celebrating my arrival in the streets.  And they're everywhere.  It's as if the whole city took the day off from work in my honor.  One woman wished me a "happy fourth" as I came out of the grocery store.  How she knew that this is the fourth city in which I have chosen to reside, I do not know.  But I imagine she also had something to do with the coordinated fireworks all over this place that are still raging as I write this sentence.

Chicago, it's too much.  Really, it's too much.  You found me on the beautiful moonlit beach, and your people exploded things in my honor.  You found me in the park, and your people exploded things in my honor.  Even as I walked down the streets, people were throwing firecrackers at my feet. 

You sent a rock star and a poet to entertain me and drive me from place to place.  You sent me a roommate to sing to me while he showered.  You sent a con artist to try to swindle me on a bench. 

It's.  Just.  Too.  Much. 

Keep it coming.

Dear Boston:

You've made a valiant effort by sending your people to embrace my work, but you're too late.  Chicago has embraced me harder. 

Dear the rest of you cities in the world:

Get cracking!  It's me time! 

Dear Chicago:

I just wanted to write you one more time.  I think you're cute.  See you in the morning, and goodnight.  Kisses!


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