Monday, April 9, 2012

Begging For It

What is the opposite of Fame?  Many people might imagine an anonymous beggar on the street.  She is poor; she smells bad; no one knows or cares what she does with her life so long as she doesn't bother them.  (Wow.  What a cruel world we live in.)

Guess what, "like"-rs?  Like love and hate, like anti-gay Republicans and gay people, like the NRA and the ACLU, Fame and begging are not opposite ends of the spectrum, but rather tangential points on a giant circle of fate.*  Don't believe me?  Well, I'm begging you to consider my point of view.

Last June, almost 1,000 people poured into ImprovBoston to see T: An MBTA Musical.  Twelve straight shows sold out, and "T" became the best-selling musical in ImprovBoston history.  Then, this January, the show was officially declared's "Best Musical, Small / Fringe Theater" of 2011.  We're on the rise!  Where does that leave us?


On Friday night, June 8, "T" will reopen, this time at Club Oberon in Harvard Square.  There will be new props, new scenes, new songs, a few new actors, some new dance moves.  The show is now in two acts, and I can tell you that we are all very excited. We're going to do our best to continue to dazzle and delight you, but in order to do so to the best of our ability, we're going to need your help.

There are all kinds of incentives on our indiegogo site, including advance-sale tickets.  Take a gander, won't you please, sir?  Please?  Please?

We promise: when we're all Famous, we won't ask again.


* What?

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