Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Give me $18. Come to My Party.

Have you seen this excrement?

You have now if you hadn't before.*

So Clooney's having a party, eh?  In LA, eh?  And if I give Barack Obama $5 or more, I'm entered for a chance to be his guest at that party, eh?

Really, Clooney?  A chance?  Is that all you have to offer these days?  Well, George, I have news for you. I'm having my own party.  In Boston.  All the way across the country from you.  And we take all comers. 

That's right.  Anyone who gives me money is definitely invited to my party.  They are 100% on the VIP list.  And I'm starting the rumor right now in more italics  that Barack Obama will be at my party, too!!!!

Do I know this for sure?  Well, no.  But I hope he'll come, and that should be enough to make any dream come true.  Right?   It worked for Barack.  

Fine, cynic.  Is hope not enough for you?  Try this empirical evidence on for size:

1) I live in Chicago now, Barack's home town.

2) A copy of The Audacity of Hope is on my bookshelf.

3) Barack has a habit of popping up everywhere these days, so why not at my party?

4) If I'm right, and you don't show up to my party, boy will you have egg on your face.

Space is limited.  Here's the invite:


FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2012
10:30 pm

* By the way, that's not my address anymore.  LEAVE ME ALONE!

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