Tuesday, May 29, 2012


You know what I hate?  Chocolate.

You know what I love?  Honey.  All kinds of honey, but mainly organic honey. Wanna know why?

1) One word: satisfying!

2) It has antibiotic properties, which means it battles the streptococci that get caught between my toes. 

3) My mom's name is Bee.  And it's spelled just like that.

4) I used to eat big gopping globs of honey on my sausage biscuits.  The meat industry has since betrayed me, and I can no longer look into Jimmy Dean's eyes and say I trust him.  But honey?  You still have my heart.

5) There's a bee following George Clooney around, and I expect it means to sting him.  (My party will still be better.)

6) It lasts forever.  While the world goes bad, honey stays oh so sweet. 

7) Say this three times fast:  I own a solar power created aromatherapy beeswax candle.

8) Honey's so good, it's been this long since it's had to advertise.

9) A bee blows its nose, and you want to eat it?

10) Honey sponsors my musical, so you should stop in to Follow the Honey next to OBERON.  If you buy something, they just may have a surprise for you.

Hey, chocolate!  You're letting me down again.  Catch this train while it's still moving at a speed you can handle.

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