Friday, June 8, 2012

The Eye of the Tornado

Apparently, tornadoes have eyes.  I apologize to the co-worker that I mocked on Monday.*

More apparently, two people in history have stood in the eye of a tornado.^  Here are their accounts:

"Once inside the swirling cloud, Keller said that everything was 'as still as death.' He reported smelling a strong gassy smell and had trouble breathing . . . The rotating cloud walls were made clearly visible by constant bursts of lightning that "zigzagged from side to side." He also noticed a lot of smaller tornadoes forming and breaking free, making a loud hissing noise."


"He described the inside as a smooth wall of clouds, with smaller twisters swirling around the inside before breaking free."

Well, guess what, boys?  There's a third member of this club now.  Me!  Here's my account from the eye of the tornado:

"There was a whole double tech week of non-stop promotion, rehearsal, and organization, followed by an early rise from bed with the expectation of a whirlwind opening day.  Then, everything was suddenly quiet.  I could sense that there was still so much happening around me, but except for the occasional burst of chat windows, my own Inbox was empty.  The silence jostled me more than the noise.  What strange hell was I in?  There was a baby bunny on my back porch.  At 12:30, I went to the dentist."

My take is slightly more literary** than those of the two farmers, but it is valid nonetheless. 

Here's the tornado. 

Here's the bunny:

* That co-worker will never read this blog, so there's no pride at stake here.  

^ My blog is both self-centered and educational.  Kick it!

** i.e., made-up^^

^^ Except for the dentist.  I really did that.  Look at my teeth!

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