Friday, June 15, 2012


When I first began this blog, it was as a public service, like warning the people of an impending tornado or giving them a heads up about a great show that's opening (or extending).  People needed to know that I was going to be famous soon.  I didn't want to catch them by surprise.

I never meant for the blog to become what it is today: a sell-out written by a sell-out.  

Do you know how many times I've mentioned my book on this blog since last November?  There was a period where it's all I would talk about.   

Why I wrote my book

Where you can buy my book used for $45.

How great my book's reader reviews are.  

How my college is telling people about my book

How my book is going to defeat Hitler.

It's like I was trying to market the thing.

Now it's happening again.  I want to focus on public service, but all I can think about is how "T: An MBTA Musical" is exploding all over again.  We got extended to the middle of July.  We were on  We were on WGBH.


Now it's official, at least for today.  I'm a true sell-out.*  Did you hear that?  A SELL OUT.*  Let me shout it over the rooftops of the world.



* Click on that link and buy tickets for a future show. 

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