Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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BOSTON, MA -- Boston writer and actor John Michael Manship will move to Chicago with plans to continue his pursuit of the arts, Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski did not announce Wednesday.  The move is scheduled for June to Chicago, IL, where Manship is expected to be a regular-sized fish in a big pond. 

“Our whole program is overjoyed with having John as a fan in Boston for the last ten years--and we are thrilled that he has the chance now to pursue a dream of being ridiculously famous,” Krzyzewski didn't say. “We are totally supportive of John, his family, and his decision. We look forward to continuing to have nothing really to do with him during the upcoming months leading to his move and afterwards while he is a professional.  He is a great young man, a terrific student, and a truly amazing representative for Boston.  We love him and are very happy for him and his family.”

Manship, a 5'-9" Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none from Cary, NC, produced 5 years of theatre while in Boston.  He averaged 44 minutes of writing per day while completing a young adult novel, a screenplay, multiple full-length stage pieces and countless short, often gimmicky mini-plays.  Manship also co-wrote two musicals and will have completed a third before the June move-out .  "T," a fantastic musical for which he wrote the book, will open in his absence this June at ImprovBoston.

It will rock. 

“I want to thank the entire city of Boston, especially the few parts that are well-marked enough so that I didn't get lost in them,” said Manship, adding, "Oh, and also the parts without rotaries."

“It was a great experience cutting my teeth here. It taught me a lot about my craft. Even when I wasn't acting or writing, I learned a lot. Also a special thanks goes to the medical staff for getting me back on the court for the NCAA Tournament and my teammates for sticking with me throughout the entire year.”

At this time, the Associated Press has no idea what Manship is talking about with that last sentence.  It is known, however, that in anticipation of the move, Manship has acquired an evaluative workout with the Neofuturists, a well-known theater ensemble in Chicago.  The audition will take place on May 14.

“This is a special place for me. I love everything that I do here, and I’m going to miss it,” added Manship. ”Boston has a special place in my heart. Even though I’m leaving this year, Boston will always be in my mind and my heart."

Any questions about this announcement's striking similarities to other recent announcements which may or may not pertain to people whose toes have been much spoken of in the past few months may be directed to the "Comments" section of this blog.


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