Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It's Tuesday, and the stock market went down 1,000 points.  Or it went up 1,000 points.  Who knows anymore.  Either way, let's celebrate (or panic) by finding an alternative way to make money.   This is legitimate.*  Are you ready for  . . .


Two paths diverge before me.  Down one path is a publicity firm that wants a lot of my money in exchange for radio interviews and possible tv appearances.  That path is well-trodden.

Down the other path are a few tiny footprints, and they are very appealing.  There are deer hooves and dog paws and . . .

I digress.

In the AWESOMEST WORD-OF-MOUTH PLAN EVER, I pay people for sharing their honest opinions about my book.  Yes, you get money for telling people what you think of my writing, good or bad.  Just be HONEST.  (I will reiterate the honesty request later.  Keep reading!)

This word-of-mouth program is open to anyone who wants to participate, whether I know them or not.  In fact, I prefer not to know them.  I am dedicating $750 to it, and it will continue until 1/1/12 or until I'm out of the $750. 

As you'll see below, I will be able to keep track of what opinions have been shared and by whom via facebook and twitter.  When the $750 has all been accounted for, I will announce this information via the book's facebook page and pay people immediately.  If things are going well, the money may increase and the AWESOMEST WORD-OF-MOUTH PLAN EVER may continue.

Everyone will get paid for the opinions they've shared by the first week of January 2012, at the latest.  I will pay via paypal or personal check, depending on a given participant's preference. 

Here's how it works:

First of all, you should "like" the book on facebook if you want to participate, because that's how you'll stay informed of the status of the $750. 

Second of all, I will pay you for your opinion as follows:

A tweet about it:  $.01 per follower, up to $10 per tweet

I'll pay for up to three distinct tweets.

- One at the beginning of the process, before the book is available, expressing the fact that you'll be reading it, or that you're coming to the 11/11/11 release event^, or even that you're participating in this AWESOMEST WORD-OF-MOUTH PLAN EVER.  This tweet should include @jmmanship and a link to the book's facebook page.

- Up to two that describe your reaction to the book as you are reading it or once you have finished it.  These tweets should include @jmmanship and a link to the book's amazon page once it's up.

A facebook post about it: $.01 for every 2 facebook friends, up to $5 per post

Like with twitter, I'll pay for up to three distinct posts:

-  One before the book is available, including a link to the book's facebook page

- Two once the book is available and you are reading or have read it, with a link to the book's amazon page and its facebook page

*If your facebook links to your twitter account, you get credit for both a tweet and a post in one step if you include all the requested links.  Woohoo!*

An online review on amazon.com$.05 per word up to $5.00
Please tweet the review and include @jmmanship OR post a link to the review on facebook and include a link to the book's facebook page.

And if you're feeling really ambitious . . .

An email$5.00

There isn't an easy, comfortable way for me to track how many people receive an email, so an email is a flat $5.00, whether you email 1 person or 1000 people.  It must include a link to the book's amazon page and something about your opinion, and it must go to real people that you think would be interested in your opinion.  SPAM IS A WASTE OF EVERYONE'S LIFE.  (I'm sorry.  Did I shout that?)

To get paid, please cc or bcc me on the email.  (There's an email link in the next paragraph.)  Feel free (please) to bcc every other recipient.  I have no interest in your friends' email addresses unless they want me to have them.

To sign up for the AWESOMEST WORD-OF-MOUTH PLAN EVER, you can email me, tweet me @jmmanship, or express your interest on the book's facebook page.  Sign up begins immediately, and as an incentive, I will give free copies of the book to the first ten people who commit to taking part in this.

As an additional incentive, let me point out that if you have 1000 followers on twitter and 1000 facebook friends, you would get:

$10.00 per tweet, up to three
$5.00 per facebook post, up to three
$5.00 for a healthy amazon review
$5.00 for emailing people about the book

Said person could earn $55 in 15 cumulative minutes for sharing their honest opinion about my book.

Here's where I reiterate the honesty part.  If you hate the book, that's fine.  If you want to tell people you are participating in a pay-for-your-opinion program, that is also absolutely fine.  The important thing is that you are truthful with me and with others.  I am asking you to trust me that I will pay you for your opinion.  In turn, I am trusting you to give and share that opinion.  It is only fair to consider a violation of my trust to be grounds for my not paying you.  This includes lying about your opinion (good or bad), giving your opinion without reading the book, and emailing people who do not exist or do not know you (Spam is hurtful, not helpful.  Was I quieter this time?). 

The AWESOMEST WORD-OF-MOUTH PLAN EVER is on from now until the end of the year or until the money runs out.  Regular updates will be available on the book's facebook page regarding how much money is still in the pot. 

But there's more!

I've also devised an AWESOME SECONDARY WORD-OF-MOUTH PLAN, because people who take part in this initial plan deserve more than the $750 I can currently commit. 

I will be dedicating an additional sum of money to this book based on readership goals.  The following amounts will be divided equally among everyone who participates in this AWESOMEST WORD-OF-MOUTH PLAN EVER between now and January 1, 2012.  These amounts are CUMULATIVE and will be paid out as sales goals are reached.

1,000 copies sold                          $200
3,000 copies sold                         + $300
5,000 copies sold                         + $500
10,000 copies sold (my goal)        + $1000
15,000 copies sold                       + $1000
25,000 copies sold                       + $2000

To reiterate the pay schedule, I will pay people for the AWESOMEST WORD-OF-MOUTH PLAN EVER as soon as the $750 has all been accounted for or in the first week of January 2012, whichever comes first.  I will pay people for the AWESOME SECONDARY WORD-OF-MOUTH PLAN as sales goals are met.

Please feel free to pass this information to whomever does a lot of social networking and wants to make freelance money giving their opinion!  In fact, send that person to this blog to learn about these plans.  I won't pay you for that, but I'll emoti-smile real big. 

*Comparably legitimate to the stock market itself

^ If you're asking yourself, "What 11/11/11 release event," then don't worry.  I don't know much about it yet, either.  As soon as I have full details on that, though, they'll be posted, and you should come!

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