Friday, October 28, 2011

John M. Mancock


I wonder what this entry is about.  

I know!  It's about something exciting that happened to me today, October 28, for about 35 minutes in the home of a female stranger.  It was something that felt really good.  It was something that led to an invitation to spend time with this woman on a weekly basis.

The first thing you should know, dear "like"-rs, is that I was a virgin to this act.  When I arrived at this female stranger's house, I knew I was about to do something I had never done before, and I knew the process would be intimate.  I'd been practicing for the encounter late at night for the past three days, all in the privacy of my bedroom.  I was nervous, a little scared, and just sweaty enough to be self-conscious. 

The conversation we had at the beginning, once I entered her house, helped to calm me.  I began to feel kinship.  Soon, though, the actual act began, first in the dining room, then in the living room, then back in the dining room, where I got a little louder than I meant to be.  There was intense whispering.  There was skin-on-skin contact.  There was even laughter. 

The woman's dog, penned into the back hallway, barked and growled furiously at the noises coming from the dining room, noises that should have been familiar to a dog. 

My performance anxiety remained until, finally, she said the words I'd been waiting to hear:

"I think you'd make a great John Hancock [in this local touring musical production of 1776]."

I sign the contract tomorrow.   I think it begins like this:

"When in the course of human events . . ."

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