Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lo, How The Mighty (Scary) Have Fallen!

Do you ever take time to reflect on where you were a year and two days ago?  October 30, 2010.  That was a good day.  I spent the evening meeting Owen Wilson, making women scream, and dancing to Thriller.  I got paid for it. 

Fast forward a year and a day.  I'm getting dressed up all over again.  I'm making women scream, but Owen Wilson is not to be found.  The only music I hear is a never-ending muzak version of Pop Goes The Weasel that haunts my head well after I'm out of costume.  And instead of someone dressing me up like a psycho-killer, I look like this:

Not only am I significantly less scary than I was a year and two days ago; I'm also significantly less likely to ever get a date again, especially when compared to that handsome man in the background.  Now that guy is a catch.^

All of this and at one tenth the promised price.*

So why would I engage in this sort of falling-from-heaven approach to my acting career?  Well, apparently it changed the world of performance as we know it.^^ 

And second, it was a wonderful lead-in to my new jobs with the Murder Mystery Company and American Eagle Productions.  Little known historical fact: Both Al Capone and John Hancock wore women's undergarments. 


*i.e., at one tenth of the money I made a year ago. 

^ That's his real face.

^^Also, what acting career?

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