Monday, December 12, 2011

AF ailure of Technogly

This week, I finished transcribing over 7 hours of voice records from my trip across the country, which I took partly for the purpose of writing my first non-fiction book.*  I combined this completed transcription with 20 pages of stream-of-consciousness journal entries to create one massive Word file.  This Word file, in turn, documents my entire trip. 

Some passages:

"he rboss who also did this a log time, the bakery has been around abotu 60 years (not definitei, don't include)"


"i put suntan lotion on my self, walked around the lkae a little looked for reception all over the freakin' place
now i'm on tape instead of voice recroder, which is oooo-kay, a lot better than having to write down everything the man in the post office, his name he says to me 'Your pockets are too full.'  and as i wne tup to the counter, there he is with his gun out, his small grey pistol, he's cleaning it, i don't know if he's oging to mail it or what, the woman asks me if it"s off, she says, 'It's not going to start playing music, is it?' I said 'no'"

"i have some gummy bears and i took a shwoer on the floo rof the family-assisted restroom
i found that i had a cliff bar left i didn't know i had left i went to fox's pizza i took my granola jar
i thought i was going to get cuahg, someone was going to be bothered by what i was doing but no one was bothered by what iw as doing"

I am an articulate son of a bitch.

Microsoft Word disagrees. 

Funny that one of the themes of OFF TRACK (working title) will be the failure of technology.  Keep up with me, Microsoft!  One of us is conquering the world, here.  The other is getting in the way. 

Make sure you know which is which, Gates.


*I just published a fiction book.  Had you heard?  It's getting great reviews

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