Saturday, December 31, 2011


At the beginning of 2011, I made some pretty bold predictions about what would happen to me that* year. Good news:  they all came true!  I am right now on a beach in Costa Rica, trying desperately to remember what it was like to be regular.^  And I thought that, while I was looking at my blog anyway, trying to rediscover the journey that got me here, I'd say hello to all of my "like"-rs.

Hello, "like"-rs! 

Now, some of you may not believe me to be "telling the truth."  Some of you may say things like:

"If you got a two-book deal with Doubleday on June 2, 2011, then why didn't you blog about it?"

"If your first book is a New York Times bestseller, then why do you keep shamelessly pitching it as if the task of marketing it were solely on your own shoulders?" 

"If your screenplay is Oscar-nominated, why haven't I ever heard of it?"

The answer to these questions is simple.  You're living in "real person reality."  I'm in Costa Rica.  Ever been to Costa RicaCosta Rica's a really nice place to be.  It's so warm here.  People ride bicycles.  And the beaches have black sand and beautiful women.  And there are jungles and ex-patriots.  And famous people.  Like me. 

Like me.

Llllike . . .


. . .

. . .

2012 will be even better.  Watch out world!


Here I come.


* Okay, it's technically still 2011, but I'm having separation anxiety, and I need to let go slowly. 

^ Not that kind of regular!

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