Sunday, December 5, 2010

Buy Me Things

In all this madness, I've forgotten to prepare for Christmas. 

Here is the stuff I want.  Sorry I didn't get this out in time for Black Friday.

Happy shopping!

1. A tv less then 7 years old (preferably without a pock-marked screen)
2. A pair of shoes with tread left
3. A t-shirt that was not given to me by a relative, comedy festival, or student organization
4. A desktop computer with the capacity to run two programs at once
5. A pair of dress socks without hearts on them
6. A pair of regular socks without holes in them
7. Scuba gear
8. A cow box
9. Some pizza ("some" as in a quantity, not as in "just an ordinary pizza that you found on the street")
10. Neil deGrass Tyson
11. A Delorean that travels through time (NOT using plutonium)
12. Perspective on all the good things in my life that money can't buy

My shipping address:

Jamaica Poor, MA

1 comment:

  1. Update: #9 is taken care of! Still waiting on the Delorean . . .