Thursday, December 30, 2010

End-of-the-Year Report for JMM Holders

Look at this!

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?  It's me!

This is a chart of my value as determined by how many people visit my blog.  When I put up a good post, which I apparently did around October 1, my efforts are rewarded by many visitors.  When I put up a less interesting post, as I've apparently done every day since, fewer people are interested in viewing it.

It's funny how linear it is, how it's moving almost predictably toward the asymptotic ZERO mark.  What am I to conclude?  I won't list all the possibilities, because I've already decided on the correct answer. 

I am a stock, and people want to make money off of me when I get big, so they are selling me off now so that I lose value and they can later buy low, sell high.  They expect to anticipate my overnight rise to stardom and jump on the train at just the right time.  It's a classic capitalist game (like Monopoly, or electing a president, or, say, buying and selling stock).

To prove my point, let's look at some other stocks.  You'll see that they are also going down.  See:

Wait.  That's a bad example.  Try this one:

Crap.  Those are both going up.  All of these stocks I'm looking at are going up.

I'm a lonely little stock.  Wait.  Here's a stock that's declining like I am!



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