Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm going to guess that most of you* who read this blog have heard of me.  If not, you should start at the beginning

I'm also going to guess that most of you haven't heard of Kyrie Irving.  If so, you should start at the beginning.

Kyrie Irving is a college basketball player (I can't seem to remember who he plays for).  He is a projected top 3 pick in the next NBA draft.  He may be the most talented point guard to play college basketball since. . . ever.  Time will tell.

Scratch that.  Time ain't no f'ing snitch. Mr Irving has a stubbed toe . . . a sprained toe . . . turf toe . . . a torn ligament . . . no right foot?  He's out for a few minutes . . . a few games . . . a few weeks . . . a few -- the season? 

People want to know what's wrong and when he'll be better.  They really want to know.  Some would say they're obsessing.  They're watching ESPN, reading blogs, following Kyrie Irving's twitter feed. (16,161 followers).

Add this to the fact that he's 18, he already has more facebook "like-rs" than me, has more people paying attention to him than me, his future full of millions is closer than mine . . .

. . .and now people are more interested in his toe than my entire career?  It should all make me pretty angry. 

But I have to be honest. 

I think I'm more interested in Kyrie's toe than my entire career.  I know, what a pessimistic thing to say.  But it's true.  Here I am writing an entire blog entry about a young man's toe instead of working on a second novel or fixing my near-perfect screenplay.  Even while I write this entry, sugarplum visions of healed ligaments and non-surgically-repaired feet are dancing^^ in the front of my brain.  I am neglecting my future self^ for these obsessions, and why?


Will I snap out of it, or will podophilia derail me, consuming my thoughts and deeds from now until the end of the "season?"  Stay tuned.  I'll let you know in 7 - 10 days.

*Mom mom mom mom mom!
^ Hi future self.  Please, please come back in time and tell me how Kyrie's toe is.
^^ Mambo #5

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