Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monkey Business

I will be volunteering with the company called Barrel of Monk Eyes in January.  I just found out yesterdat.  Barrel of Monk Eyes is a really good company.  They work with thrid graders.  They also work with forth graders.  And fith grades.

They turn writing from thrid graders and forth graders and fith graders into things like songs, skits and dances.  I like Barrel of Monk Eyes a lot.  They are one reason why I came to Chicago.  I am excited to work with them.

This summer, I helped Barrel of Monk Eyes figure out if there program is workinh and guess what?  It is

You can read some of the thrid, forth and fith graders stories here

I will be teaching with them in January and I am so excited.

The end.

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