Friday, November 18, 2011

Step One: Beat Hitler

Yesterday's post began as a simple anal-ysis of the standing of Cambridge Street in the greater world of books.  24 hours later, it has created a calling.  Selling my book is no longer about getting my story out into the world.  Now, it's about beating Hitler.

And we're losing.

Current book rankings:

Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler, now stands at #41,020 (up 7,895 ranks)

Cambridge Street, by all of us but mostly me, now stands at # 434,649 (down 204,099 ranks)

At this rate, we're going to have World War II all over again.

To make matters worse^, I've also realized that that other book, which I was so enjoying stepping on, is only available on the Kindle, and it has therefore held strong at 240,649.

Is there no one who will stand below me?

Today, my friend Lawrencarabia gave me some hope.  "First," she pointed out, "How many people have heard of John Michael Manship and Cambridge Street.  About 200.  How many have heard of Adolf Hitler?"  Lawrencearabia is right.  Talk about having a platform!  That guy, for better or for worse*, is about as well-known as any human being who's ever existed.

So, sales-percentage wise, I'm probably actually doing better than Hitler. 

Also, his book has been out for over 80 years.  Mine has been out for 8 days.

The momentum is in our favor.  Here are some more positive signs to carry us out of this dark night:

1) My book has its first review.  5 stars!  I'd like to meet the person who wrote that review and shake her hand.

2) We're still kicking Clooney and Bolton in the face.

3) Once we get past pencil-mustache Nazi-pants, we only have to contend with Simon and God. 

Don't oversleep, Herr Hitler.  Normandy's a'comin'.  Better be ready for some Russian cyanide soup. 


* Bet on worse.

^ Yes, what I'm about to say is worse than war.

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