Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Turn (A Poem in Blank Verse)

It's Autumn, change is in the
air, baseball ended,
basketball began,
the republicans took the house
of representatives
the leaves are
to the not-yet-frozen ground
robert downey jr in due
date, autumn leaves
autumn sunsets
autumn clocks fall back on their heels
go to hell carolina go to hell
autumn rivalry
peace be with you
autumn peace
an agent appears
autumn agent
he asks to read my manuscript
autumn request
a full request
so rare
1 out of
ten queries
or so
autumn statistics
he works in New York City
a city of
autumn change
will a
basketball curse
follow the
baseball curse
it is possible
request date?
15 november
an off day for the
new york knickerbockers
in the middle of a
losing streak
autumn remembers
winter forgets
i took the one less traveled by
glazed with rain water
beside some white chickens
autumn chickens
autumn white
and that has made all the

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