Friday, November 19, 2010

Did Someone Lose a Story?

Today, I came home from AC1 to find the following on my computer desktop, saved under the file name "Dog Story."

"Mr.Poofyfluffers ran like the wind. NO! He ran faster than wind. Faster than light. Faster than....time . . .Mr.Poofyfluffers arrived at where the Skate Park should have been. Poofyfluffers emerged from the bushes to find dust. He looked to his right; he saw sand and dust as far as the eye could see. He looked to his left, and he saw what appeared to be a small town off in the distance. A tumbleweed blew by. The sun was beaming down on him at this point. Mr. Poofyfluffers began to walk toward the town. The sun shone so brightly in his eyes, he didn't see that something, or someone, was following him very closely."

I swear, I did not write this.  I don't even know a Mr Poofyfluffers.  Or a Mrs Poofyfluffers, for that matter.

But, if you do, then maybe you have lost your story (or part of your story) on my computer desktop.  If this is your story, and you can send me the rest of it, I will recommend you to my agent.*

Consider that a challenge.
*when the next one says "yes"

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