Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Pledge

"This is the way the world ends.  Not with a bang, but a whimper."  - TS Eliot

I've decided not to go with the agent who was (previously) reading my manuscript.  Why?

1) They're professional.  I've had nothing but good experiences writing back and forth with them.  They've done what they said they will do.  They're clearly reliable, intelligent, informed, hard-working.

2) They aren't willing to represent me.

I'm not sure which is more important to me.  In any case, there were a few emails exchanged, polite and sincere words shared, and then, today, it is back to being "almost famous."  (Which would make a great movie title, by the by.  Someone get on that.)


  1. My condolences! The whole agent search thing just sucks, really. I could probably paper my office with all the rejections, but a few things to hold on to: --it only takes one yes, and --if you give up, the answer is automatically no.

    Keep the faith.

  2. Shucks. Thank you for the encouraging and true words. Keeping faith . . .