Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Been Nice

Today is a day of significance.

If you've been following my almost-career from the beginning (it seems like only three days ago), you'll know that an agent is currently reviewing the manuscript for my novel, Cambridge Street, exclusively.  Well, that exclusivity agreement runs until October 3.  What's the date today?  That's right.  October 1.  (Unless you said a different date, in which case, "Wrong.  It's October 1.")  This is significant because today is the last business day before the end of exclusivity.  Which is significant because that means the "yes" call is coming any moment now.   

Now, as of this hour -- 1:48 pm -- I haven't heard anything.  But my last correspondence with said agent reads, " . . . we will be back in touch with you on or before the end of exclusivity on October 3rd."  Knowing that everyone in the writing business is always able to stay on-schedule, I am making preparations today for my ever-nearing launch into famosity.  I am undergoing as many "regular" activities as I can, while I still can. 

Celebrate some lasts with me.

9:12 AM  I paid my rent. (What famous person "rents?") 
9:17 AM I arrived at the subway station and used public transit. (Private limo.)
9:33 AM I arrived at work. (will sleep in regularly)
11:29 AM I shared a conversation with a friend. (won't have time)
12:21 PM I made my own lunch. (private chef)
12:49 PM I collected and washed my own laundry. (will buy new clothes when old ones get dirty)

I'm going to miss these things, but you just don't have room for them in your life once you're famous.  Being famous keeps you busy doing things like shopping and signing checks and doing guest lectures.  Everyone wants your opinion when you're famous.

But for today, I am regular.  I have my feet planted firmly on the ground, and sometimes I just sit and stare at them so I will remember what they look like there.    

Someone should really put those socks in the laundry.  I guess it'll have to be me.  For the time being, anyway.

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