Friday, October 22, 2010

Come and Find Me

I just want to publicly acknowledge that tomorrow or, technically, later today, I will be entering the Davis Mega Maze.  I've conquered this maze three years running (with a little help), but this year, it is highly possible that my corn-cutting team will be down a few key members.  For example, last year's star mapper, Jimbo (name changed to protect identity) may not be present.  What is a man to do?

I've had to think quickly.  And I came up with an idea.

I rented a helicopter and am spending the night surveying the maze from above.  It was worth the $7,250.

Still, despite my extraordinary pre-game efforts, I may, once the proverbial husk hits the weevil, get lost. 

So . . .

If I never make it to the top of the world and this blog comes to an unsatisfactory conclusion, it's because I'm trapped in a bunch of corn.  In which case:


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